FIFA 17 Legends Wishlist & Prediction

There are many Legends of the game that needs to be added in FIFA 17 Legends. FIFA 16 certainly has a number of them but the next version needs to pick up more of them. Let’s have a look at the 10 players that can be featured in the FIFA 17 Legends. They are as follows:

FIFA 17 Legends Wishlist

FIFA 17 Legends Wishlist:


Ronaldinho is a Brazilian superstar footballer. The main position he plays is in the form of a forward or an attacking midfielder. Ronaldinho won the FIFA World Player of the year in the year 2004 and also in 2005. Very much known for his magical tricks, techniques, dribbling, free kicks and much more. He is known to be one of the best footballers of his generation. He has scored around 33 goals for the Brazilian National Team. This superstar needs to be there for sure in the FIFA 17 Legends.


Zinedine Zidane is known as one of the greatest footballers in the history of the game. He’s also known as Zizou and was an attacking midfielder for the French national team. Known for his vision, ball control, elegance and technique. He was also named the greatest European footballer of the past 50 years. A big legend of the game and Zidane needs to be featured in FIFA 17 Legends.


A legendary player and was one of the main player for the French team. He played as a forward and had played for clubs like, Barcelona, Monaco, Juventus, Monaco and his main tenure was in Arsenal. He is the record goal scorer for France.


David Beckham has been an absolute legend. He had played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain as well as the English National team. Beckham is the first English player to have league titles from four countries, Spain, France United States and England. David Beckham was known for his crossing, passing and fascination free kicks.


Roberto Carlos is very well known for famous Free kick. Currently a manager-player of Delhi Dynamos in the Indian Super League. A strong left-back and is known as the most offensive left back in the history of soccer. His free kicks have been recorded at a speed of over 169km/h. A legend and known for his running speed, stamina and crossing ability.


Patrick Vieira was an amazing footballer for the French National team, he went up the ladder during his stay at
Arsenal and won the Premier League Titles. He played 107 matches for France and was part of the winning 1998 team and also the runner up team in 2006.


Edgar Davids was a spectacular player for the Dutch team. He played for clubs like Milan and Juventus in Italy and also for Barcelona. Edgar Davids played 74 matches for Netherlands and was known for his famous dreadlocks and goggles that he wore because of Glaucoma. A fantastic midfielder for his country.


Rivaldo was one of the most feared footballers for his deadly skills as an attacking midfielder and also being the second striker. He had the capability to play on both the flanks, primarily a left footed player. His range and pace and was also played as a winger too because of his speed, vision and technique.


Popularly known as the Phenomenon, Ronaldo was considered by experts as the greatest players of all time on the planet. He was won the FIFA World Player of the year thrice and Ballon d’Or twice. Known as one of the best strikers the world has seen, Ronaldo was inducted into the Brazilian Football Museum Hall of fame in the year 2006. A player that tops the list for the FIFA 17 Legends.

10. CAFU:

Cafu is the most capped Brazilian player and made history by playing for Milan, Roma and Sau Paulo. He has this unique record that he holds, he is the only player to have played 3 world cup finals and won twice. Cafu is known to be one of the best fullbacks ever in Serie A and also one of the greatest Brazilian player. Cafu needs to be in the FIFA 17 Legends.

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