FIFA 17 PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360 Features Wishlist

EA Sports must have started the development of FIFA 17 and we can expect lots of improvement for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360 consoles. Surfing around the web you can find lots of fans FIFA 17 features wishlist and here we are sharing few wishlist features:

FIFA 17 PS4 And Xbox One Features Wishlist

FIFA 17 Wishlist Features:

Customize Default Stadium:

EA can consider giving default stadium just like aloha park with an ability to customize it entirely for their career or pro club. The customization can include the whole design authority including colored nets, scoreboard, loud fans with flares, or fans leaving and booing when losing, crowd presence and celebration of every goal and match winning.

Play as a Referee:

Playing a referee role will be a little refreshment to the mind. Sometimes it seems a little boring playing a same role again and again, and then we require a change and that change in the game will be this feature “Pay as a referee.” EA can consider including this option in FIFA 17, this would be full of entertainment as referee has a significant role to play in every match and playing that role would be fun and entertaining for a change.

New Stadiums and Tournaments:

EA can try to include new licensed stadiums in FIFA 17; this will bring a fresh look to the game. EA can consider these stadiums: Nagyerdei Stadion(Debrecen); Bay Arena(Leverkusen); RedBull Arena (New York); Maracana (Rio da Jeneiro); Sao Paulo Stadium; Benfica Stadium; New Udinese stadium; Hoffenheim Stadium; Kansas City Stadium and Legia Warsawa Stadium. EA can also add international tournaments such as Liga America (North and South American inernational team league and Asian Champions Cup.

Star Rating Statistics:

It is disappointed to play so hard and then not being able to analyze the performance from every angle. Currently players are not able to see the star ratings of their team. So this can be improved in FIFA. Analyzing and scrutinizing of team is only possible when player can see the entire statistics, including star ratings, of their team. It is an important issue to resolve. Hope FIFA 17 will overcome this matter.

Loyalty Ratings:

Just like star rating, loyalty rating is equally important in analyzing the player. There can be an option to see loyalty rating of each player in the team. For instance, a high one on Reus and low one on DE Bruyne. This rating will help in making the team and selecting their ground position. Creating team and selecting position on the basis of loyalty will certainly enhance the team performance, so it is significant in making team strategy and tactics.

Additional Tactics Option:

FIFA 17 can laso come with extra tactics options for a team. Tactics like free roaming and fixed position can be included. Additional methods of tactics will enhance the quality of game plan and this will lead to new strategy planning, it means more excitement and entertainment.

Manager Proposals:

This would be great to receive manager proposals from several small and other teams if we perform well with our team. If we are performing well in every league and season, more teams should officially offer to take over them as a manager, especially smaller several smaller clubs should be in the offering list. And there can be an option to accept the proposal or reject it authentically.

Personality Traits:

This is something which can be added. EA can design each player with their unique personality. They can provide an option to customize the hairstyle of players. By personality, I mean their behavior on the ground and in the locker room with other players. It can be the manager’s duty to handle and keep players in control especially those who are little aggressive in locker rooms.

Post-match Press Conference:

No matter what the outcome of the match is, there can be a post match press conference with heavy questions from press. And each player can react as per their personality traits. But before the post match press conference, manager can also give all the players advice how to react in front of media, what to say and what to not.

Include Player Stories:

This sounds little peculiar, but including players’ stories or background, just like profile, is fully entertaining and exciting. Fans are curious to know about their players and background helps fans to resonate with players. EA can include stories of players like Scouted regens. This connects the fans with players emotionally when they know their player was like a refugee or something, or was born in a shack, like a certain Portuguese footballer.

Bring PS2 Era in FIFA 17:

There was a time in PS2 era career mode when players were allowed to update coaches, scouts, negotiators and stadium and other features like that. Not just this, in fact players used to receive and analyze finance report after every game, it’d be sponsor money and ticket gates minus your wage budget normally. In addition to that, there was another thing that made the FIFA best that time was a menu that players used to enter into the game, a bit like squad report, except of one feature where a bar chart displaying the predicted development of every player in the team. EA can consider bringing back all such amazing features in FIFA 17.